Combo Pack of Maverick Case with Duraglass Edge to Edge for iPhone XR

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  • 3 LAYER PROTECTION: Maverick is a super soft finish 'Silicone over tough Polycarbonate' case, it's built with an inner velvet lining that gives extra protection to the iPhone XR
  • STANDARD DESIGN: This phone case is similar to the real iPhone silicon cover, rubberised silicon finish so smooth you would keep on caressing the case. Buttons are tactile and easy to press
  • AMAZING GRIP: Maverick a snug fit on the iPhone XR and an amazing grip for one hand use
  • GREAT DROP PROTECTION: Maverick a good drop protection and will save your phone from as high as chest height drops
  • PERFECT CUTOUTS for the camera and charging port. The back thickness is just enough to safeguard phone camera from touching the resting surface


  • High durability: duraglass is made of japanese asahi tempered glass that undergoes rigorous tempering making it one of the highest durability options for your iPhone screen protection
  • Top notch Sturdy Performance
  • Smoothest tempered glass- czar duraglass is the smoothest tempered glass on the market, it's so smooth it's a delight for your thumbs, try this, you will keep swiping
  • No bubbles- hassle less application, just align at the right position and swipe your finger acroos the centre, the glass adheres to the screen automatically
  • Multi faceted usage makes it absolutely fantastic